Supply Chain Labor, LLC is the recruiting and placement side of our business and it helps employers across the country staff tough-to-fill jobs. Once an employer decides to begin the process of hiring overseas candidates, Supply Chain Labor, LLC group takes over and navigates the legal process for them.

We work with employers to assess their needs, determine whether they qualify to hire staff through immigration programs, and, ultimately, we place qualified candidates with them. Employers set the parameters for hiring in line with what they expect of local candidates – willingness to work certain shifts, physical capabilities, language skills, and so on. We will only refer candidates to employers that fit the requirements they set. We have an extensive network overseas of candidates, which we have been developing for several years now in a variety of countries – Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and more – and the supply of prospective employees is enormous. U.S. employers may interview any referral we provide by Zoom, Face Time, or phone and take only those they wish to hire. Everyone arriving to work will hold legal work authorization on Day One and will have just successfully completed a Department of State background check. In addition, all candidates are prepared to commit to their employer long-term, reducing turnover.

The Supply Chain Labor, LLC team has systems in place to make this process as streamlined and effortless as possible for employers. Everything we are legally permitted to do on your behalf, we will handle – and keep you apprised of everything along the way. The key factors we want all employers considering working with us to know are these:

  • Our services are super low-cost and 100% guaranteed
  • We have extensive experience in this field and can back that up with documents showing our successful track record as well as references from satisfied clients
  • What we do is scalable, meaning employers can hire 1 candidate or 100 for barely any additional effort
  • Employers are welcome to interview all our referred candidates and take only those they wish to hire – we’ll then be responsible for trying to place those not selected elsewhere
  • You set the requirements necessary for the candidates, and we’ll stick to those
  • Does not replace conventional hiring methods, but serves as a useful compliment that can help reduce staff turnover and, over time, reduce company costs on recruiting and/or paying temporary placement agencies