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We provide a unique solution for employers facing labor shortages.

Supply Chain Labor, LLC helps employers fill positions for which they cannot find enough workers in the domestic labor force. We match overseas jobseekers with employers in a wide range of industries. While this can work for any type of job, most of our clients have historically been in the Transportation, Warehousing, Logistics and Manufacturing Labor needs. This is a super low-cost solution that is also highly scalable, providing a steady stream of qualified candidates to employers who need them.

We have extensive network of interested candidates around the world who want to move to the United States, and will be ecstatic to be offered jobs that will let them do this through the business immigration system. They are prepared to commit to employers long-term and will show up on time each day. Employers may set whatever job-related parameters they need, such as willingness to work certain shifts, and we will refer only people who fit them.

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Supply Chain Labor, LLC is the recruiting and placement side of our business and it helps employers across the country staff tough-to-fill jobs.

We work with employers to assess their needs, determine whether they qualify to hire staff through immigration programs, and, ultimately, we place qualified candidates with them. Especially in cases involving full-time, long-term positions, this is done at minimal cost to the employer. Most employers we work at need many people filling the same or similar positions.

Supply Chain Labor, LLC helps businesses that are constantly in hiring crunches. This may “be” because they are growing quickly, struggle with turnover, are in lower population areas, or for any number of other reasons. What we can offer is a highly scalable solution that can deliver as many qualified candidates as an employer would need, while layering them in at a rate the employer can comfortably absorb. We can be a great compliment to an employer’s existing recruiting methods, taking some of the heat off by guaranteeing an influx of great new team members.

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