What is Supply Chain Labor, LLC?
How does the process work?
What industries and positions utilize this process?
What is involved from the employer’s perspective?
How many people can i hire based on my recruitment ?
How picks/hires the overseas candidates ?
How do i know the candidates can do the job ?
What are the costs?
After we do the ads, what happens?
What does the DOL do when they get the application?
After the DOL certifies the position, what immigration processing happens?
How long does this all take? When will workers actually arrive?
How much do I have to pay the overseas workers?
If I cannot save money on wages AND I have to cover other costs involved with obtaining the LC, how does this make sense for my business?
How long will the workers stay with me?
Where do the workers come from?
I am looking at these people’s resumes and they seem a little different than I’m used to seeing for this type of role. How come? Why are they interested in this job?
How do I do a background check on the employees if they have no real history in the U.S.?
I keep seeing the word “sponsor” on various documents, what does it mean in this context?
I currently have workers with non-permanent statuses in the U.S., can we file LC applications for them?
This seems great, so what could go wrong?